Standard vs. VoIP Price Comparison

This chart shows a price comparison between our VoIP phone system (installation and monthly expenses) and the costs for a similar traditional phone system.  This is for a typical 20 person, 2 location business.

Costs for the traditional system are typical of the costs experienced by our customers before switching to VoIP.

Price Comparison (20 Person, 2 Location Business)

EXPENSE JIVE VoIP Traditional Phones
Monthly Service Expenses
T1 Voice $700
Tie Line $300
Cable Internet $300 $300
Long Distance Service $400
Phone Numbers $60
Phones $529
Support Contract $600
TOTAL $869 $2,300
Installation and Capital Expenses
Phones $4,200 $4,200
Phone System $6,000
Setup & Training $2,000 $2,000
TOTAL $6,200 $12,200