Security Design and Implementation


The first step for all of our professional services is a review of existing security architecture and the creation of a long-term scalable design that meets the customer needs.  Some companies need perimeter security management, while more sophisticated networks have more demanding requirements.  With our expertise, we will be able to identify security issues, work with your staff, and make long term recommendations that will properly protect your infrastructure.


Once a design is selected, DHK staff will assign a project manager to lead the device implementation process.  It is critical for all IT Staff that security rollout is handled with care.  Installation of any device or system is not considered complete until the client has signed off and all security devices are fully integrated with the management systems.

Change Management

When it’s time to make a change in operations, it is of utmost importance that we follow a strict procedure.  DHK has a strong foundation of change management within large networks.  We have been able to provide stellar uptime and responsiveness due to our pre-planned changes.  All of our changes follow a well documented process that keep all parties informed at all stages of a change in the network infrastructure.  Most importantly, we document not just how a change is going to be made, but we require our staff to also document back-out procedures as well.  Network changes don’t always go smoothly, but when we plan on how to deal with adversity from the beginning, we come out with successful solutions 100% of the time.

Service Agreements and Emergency Services

We offer comprehensive monthly service agreements to meet all of your security and/or IT needs. Agreements include phone support, training, emergency repairs, regular maintenance, and all monitoring services.  We also offer 24/7 emergency services.

Visit our Juniper NetScreen page for more information on our line of security products.

Getting Started

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