Why Juniper NetScreen?

Our security solutions are based on the Juniper NetScreen line of security products.  While many of our competitors believe in implementing any platform on the market, that decision represents a greater cost to you.  When your network requires advanced Intrusion Detection, Web-Filtering, and Anti-Virus solutions, most vendor solutions require purchasing many additional, separate boxes.  Juniper is the only security vendor that provides a highly scalable and integrated security solution set.  The Juniper NetScreen product line has continually lead the security marketplace with cutting edge features. Because DHK can deliver more service with fewer boxes, this results in a lower cost of service than our competitors.

While other security management vendors offer platform independence, they do so at a 40-60% greater cost per month.  Device and platform interoperability makes sense when you’re working with routers and switches.  In the networking market, the goal for all vendors is to be as compatible as possible.  However, in the security field, the goal of firewall and IDP vendors is to provide the best feature set.  The only common ground where they attempt to be compatible is with VPN technology.

When security events require fast reporting, no other system can turn out sharp, professional reports with as little turnaround time.  Juniper’s NSM platform can filter live security data from multiple platforms and immediately turn them into usable PDF files.  If you use a competitor’s syslog based solution, you may have to wait for days for a UNIX expert to parse raw data.  With the NSM solution, any staff member will be able to immediately generate a report within an easy to use GUI.

Our Experience

DHK’s technical staff have been working with Juniper NetScreen products since the first NS-5 firewall units were beta tested in 1996. Since then, we have worked with the entire line of security devices and operating systems from v1.0 through v5.4.  We have installed and configured hundreds of their firewalls and rely on them for the protection of our network.  DHK has also implemented the NetScreen Security Manager for large-scale firewall management and operations.