Anti Spam

We offer anti-spam as a monthly service in addition to your existing e-mail service. This system works by directing the DNS mail records for your domain name to anti-spam filter servers. The anti-spam filters then forward the filtered e-mail to your mail server. There are a number of technical advantages to this method:

  • No one can send e-mail directly to your mail server any more. They must go through the filtering server first.
  • Spammers are constantly changing their attack methods. Our service has 24×7 staff to combat this.
  • You won’t lose any legitimate e-mails. We send a digest of the spam collected in a single, consise e-mail once per day. If something legitimate was collected accidentally, you can click to release it and have it sent to you.

The cost for this service begins at $44.95 per month for the first 10 users. For additional users, the price varies from $1.25 to $0.75 per user per month.

For more details, please call 866-905-8174 or e-mail