Public vs. Private Cloud

What’s the Difference?

Many people are reluctant to use public cloud services and, at DHK, we don’t blame you! We don’t like public cloud either. What we offer is different. Here are some of the differences between public cloud and our private cloud services:

  • When you use a public cloud scenario you’re renting a fractional part of a computer.  With our private cloud services, you’re getting your own dedicated server – it’s not shared.
  • Because of fractional vs. dedicated server difference, there are security differences.  When you only have a fractional part of a computer, you have security compromises to be concerned about. Unlike with public cloud, in our private cloud environment, every customer is completely firewalled from the other. A problem with one customer has no impact on another. There is NO network access between customers.
  • With a public cloud service, your data could be located anywhere in the world; it could be in Dallas today, Los Angeles tomorrow, and in Singapore next week. With our Private Cloud Service, your data is on your server that doesn’t move. It remains, always in our secure facility.
  • Our customers have secure remote access to their data anytime anywhere.

See our service agreements page for our Private Cloud Services pricing.