Private WAN Circuits More Info


Within a single metro area, dedicated point to point T1s can be an inexpensive method of connecting offices. In most cases, the monthly cost is dependent on distance between the offices.

In order to price a dedicated point to point T1, please e-mail with the physical address of the locations you are trying to connect. We will take the addresses and solicit for price quotes from multiple carriers to get you the best offer. Upon product selection, we will work with the carriers to deliver and install the T1 at both locations and integrate it with your network.

Please be aware that these T1s typically have a lead time of 30 – 45 business days from the order.

To begin the process, please call 866-905-8174 or e-mail

Frame-Relay and MPLS

Both Frame-Relay and MPLS offer different varieties of fractional private wide area network circuits. Frame-Relay is typically used when your company is connecting multiple sites with private circuits and the remote sites are utilizing T1 or sub-T1 speeds.

MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) tends to be implemented when the remote sites require greater than T1 speeds and may also need some quality of service provisioning for voice or video service.

For both multi-site WAN implementation types, lead times begin at 30 days and can run as high as 60 days depending on location and network complexity.

To begin the process, please call 866-905-8174 or e-mail

Faster Circuits: T3 / OC-3 / OC-12 / more…

When your company is in need of some serious Internet speeds of 45Mb/s and higher, we can solicit for pricing offers from multiple carriers. In some cities there may be cost effective Metro Ethernet solutions.

In most cases, there is significant lead time to install these circuits. Please call as soon as you are in the planning stages so that we can make sure that the deadlines are met.

For more details, please call 866-905-8174 or e-mail