Security Management

Network Security Manager

Juniper Networks Network Security Manager system takes a new approach to network and security management by providing IT departments with an easy-to-use centralized management solution that controls all aspects of the Juniper Networks Firewall / IPSec VPN and IDP products including device configuration, network settings, and security policy. Unlike some solutions that require the use of multiple management tools to control a single device, NetScreen-Security Manager enables IT departments to control the entire device life cycle with a single, centralized solution. Using the NetScreen-Security Manager system, device technicians, network administrators, and security administrators can work together to improve management efficiency and security, reduce overhead, and lower operating costs.

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Security Threat Response Manager

Juniper Networks Security Threat Response Manager (STRM) family of appliances offer a single, integrated, end-to-end network security management solution. An IT staff can quickly, easily analyze data from a multitude of sources to understand the threats they are facing and determine what actions to take.

STRM 500

This all-in-one security solution plugs into a network, offering fast, easy deployment. An intuitive, Web-based user interface helps the STRM 500 get up and running in minutes. With its optimized hardware, the STRM 500 doesn’t require expensive external storage, third-party databases, or ongoing database administration. It’s ideal for small, medium and large enterprises or departments that do not foresee the need to upgrade to higher events-per-second or flows-per-minute capacities. STRM 500 can also be deployed as a dedicated QFlow collector for collection of network flows which provides Layer 7 traffic analysis.

STRM 2500

This enterprise-class appliance delivers scalable network security management and is optimal for growing companies. The STRM 2500 includes onboard event collection, correlation, and extensive reporting capabilities. The STRM 2500 is aimed at companies that are medium- to large-sized companies all the way on up to large, globally deployed organizations. It’s designed for companies that will need additional flow and event monitoring capacity in the future.

STRM 5000

An enterprise and carrier-class appliance which provides a scalable network security management solution for medium-sized companies up to large, globally-deployed organizations. STRM 5000 appliances are the ideal solution for growing companies that anticipate the need for additional flow and event monitoring capacity in the future. It is also the base platform for large companies that are geographically dispersed and looking for a distributed enterprise/carrier-class scalable solution. The STRM 5000 appliance utilizes on-board event/flow collection and correlation capabilities, and is expandable with additional STRM 5000 appliances acting as event and flow collectors.

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