PopDrive for IT Professionals

RAID1 Reliability

Keep your clients’ data secure, even in the event of a crash. PopDrive contains two laptop hard drives that are always mirrored. If one fails, simply replace it with a new drive, which will automatically sync with the other working drive. You can remove or replace either hard drive as easily as changing a CD. No special knowledge or tools required.

eSata: Lightning-Fast Backups

Backing up data is vital, but it shouldn’t take all day. PopDrive is 6 times faster than USB and 5 to 10 times faster than tape. Backups take 50-70% less time! This encourages clients to maintain a routine of regular backups and frees them to focus on running their businesses.

All Your Client’s Data in a Portable, Compact Device

PopDrive fits in a pocket, pouch or purse, so it’s convenient to carry and easy to move to safety in an emergency. It’s all in a 7x4x1″ device that weighs about a pound. Its capacity is defined by the data capacity of your computer’s OS and what’s available in 2.5″ drives. PopDrive has ample space for everything you want to safeguard.

Stay in Control

PopDrive’s management software makes it easy for you to manage all of your client’s drives. Keep track with an event log, and set it to e-mail event notifications.

Affordable, Powerful Security

Small businesses need much more than the typical external drive, but tape drives are often financially out of reach. PopDrive provides better security than tape, yet it costs 30 to 50% less.

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