Vendor relationships

Our vendor relationships are a critical component to delivering the best solution to our customers. By selecting a number of excellent vendors and equipment providers we generate a better product selection. Most important, we do not sell any specific item to the exclusion of another for the benefit of a manufacturer.

DHK employees are completely free to supply the best product or service for your needs. We are not pressured in any way to recommend a specific brand, but we may promote a product if we believe that it offers the best solution.

Find the Best Vendors

There are a wide variety of IT vendors in the world. In order for DHK to offer their products or services, they must deliver solutions that solve the customer problems with easy to use interfaces. The use of their product must reduce the overall amount of time that you spend on that technical area. When selecting manufacturer partners we make sure that their customer support is excellent. We do not want you to have to wait on hold for hours trying to resolve a problem.

Multiple Vendors

In the case of almost all technologies we sell and install, there is no item that is sold exclusively by one company. Because we are vendor independent, we are able to offer you the best technical solution to your problem.

Multiple Distributors

When you need the product now, we don’t want to be restricted to one warehouse. We often have access to equipment inventory that is in multiple warehouses.

Fast Delivery

The end result that is important to you is that you get the items when you need them, especially in the case of an emergency. As long as an item is available at one of our warehouses, we can place an order as late as 7pm EST and have it delivered to you first thing the next morning.