Customer Advocate approach

We are your advocate in the world of Information Technology.

  1. Listen: Our most important job is to listen to you and find out your needs. The first part of our interaction with you and your company is to hear about your IT needs.
  2. Ask Questions: The second step in the process is to ask questions to clarify that we understand the issue or need that you are communicating to us. If the circumstance warrants, our staff will likely ask a number of questions about how your specific technical need may fit in with other technologies, your long term vision, and budget issues.
  3. Recommend: Once we have identified the problem that you need solved, our next step is to give you a number of solutions. These may range from a simple product recommendation to a full network architecture proposal. In all cases, we like to give you at least two choices based on price and performance. We will definitely provide a written estimate for the more complicated solutions. If our solution doesn’t fit, we can go back to the drawing board and find a better fit.
  4. Implement: You made the selection and now it is time to install. If time is of the essence, we are experts in rapidly deploying complex network technologies. If the solution is a long term project, we will work with your staff to help manage the project.