Ever since we were introduced to David and the services that DHK provides, our life has been a little easier. It’s nice to know that an expert is helping manage your business. We depend on DHK for continued support, and he is always there when we need the help. When we first decided to switch […]

Sung Hee Kim, Creative Director


Customer service is paramount in our business.  We rely on our phone system and service to communicate to our customers.  If our phone system is not reliable, our customer service is not reliable.  DHK and JIVE have been our provider for almost 1.6 years.  The technology that that JIVE provides allows our organization to be […]

John Jewell, President and CEO, JTC Inc.

Loudoun Dermatology Associates

Cory, I just wanted to send you this as an fyi.  I recently started paperwork to port our fax number from dhk to myfax. When filling out the paperwork I inadvertently put our main number on the form.  Yesterday our main number turned into a fax number.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you […]

Kim Brown, Medical Assistant